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Terrarium TV for Beginners

Terrarium TV is a free way to watch TV shows and movies on your Firestick or Android smartphone (sorry, no Roku support). It can be used on other devices as well which makes it ideal for techies that want the most from their gadgets. It can be daunting to deal with, especially compared to other streaming apps like Showbox or Movies HD.

Well, that’s because it’s one of the most complete applications of its kind. Whereas some apps simply give you a stream, this Android app lets you pick your poison.

The Layout

One of the first things we want to mention in our Terrarium TV review is the layout. While finding the right stream may take you a few minutes, navigating through the menus is an absolute breeze. A three-bar menu allows you to choose the type of media you want to consume. It also gives you access to your favorites section which you will probably fill up sooner than later.

Finding your way around the movies or TV side of the app is as simple as swiping your finger up or down. This allows you to scroll through all the available media for a given category. In some cases, you can literally get tired of looking due to the masses amount of movies and TV shows.

With the TV section, you will have to take a few additional steps to find what you are looking for. Everything is well organized, however, and we’re a big fan of the “See Also” feature in Terrarium TV. This pulls up similar films or shows it thinks you may like, and it generally hits the nail on the head. There is an IMDB button as well, and you’re able to mark your favorites with a star.

Things are basically the same for movies, but more straightforward. You hit the play button, and then you pick a source. There is a trailer feature, but like the IMDB links, it’s not available on everything.  The favorites section is like the others but keeps tabs on everything you’ve starred while perusing the app.

TV Calendar

Are you a total TV junkie? If so you will dig the TV Calendar feature in TTV. This gives you a breakdown of what’s on each night including ways to watch those shows. It is handy, to say the least, especially if you’re just curious about what’s on TV that night or wonder what you missed earlier in the day.

If you have any favorites marked, you can pull them up from here by clicking the star. There is also a calendar feature as well. While the app can’t give you things that haven’t aired yet, it’s nice to have nonetheless. Again, just like with the previous sections, navigation is a breeze.

To Watch or to Download…

This is an important area. If you are familiar with the torrent world, you know some programs allow you to watch and download shows or films. That is probably the first question you need to ask yourself with Terrarium TV as well. Each has its own advantages and weaknesses, including giving up your IP address if you are sans a VPN.

If you do decide to download media instead of streaming it, the Terrarium TV app has two tabs that give you the scoop on your collection. There is an “In Progress” tab that shows your current downloads and a finished tab which is self-explanatory. There’s also a trash can, something you will probably use more often than not.

That’s because TTV has all types of content at all levels of quality. When you are watching TV through a stream, you can choose the quality you want. The same goes for movies, and the files never touch your SD card. You are streaming from a host or provider, so files are stored.

Terrarium TV settings

Th settings menu is another area where the TTV app excels. Compared to similar apps, there are plenty of boxes to tick and settings to dig through. If you are new, it can be overwhelming at first, but you will quickly get the hang of things.

From settings, you can do simple things like setting your language, change players or even exclude certain types of media. You can’t filter out everything, but you can remove non-English TV shows or low-quality links on the movie side.

You can tinker with performance by adjusting the way sources load if you are a streamer. If you have a favorite provider, you can set it to stand out as well or keep certain resolvers off your list. Need to force landscape mode on Android TV? It can do that, and it’s just the tip of the technical iceberg. We’re not going to bore you with too many settings, so here are a few that stand out…

  • Subtitle Language
  • Font Size and Color
  • Set Download Manager
  • Real-Debrid Integration
  • Backup & Restore
  • New Release Notifications


    Installation of TTV is something that may not be an easy task for a beginner. First because TTV is not available on the Play Store, so it is not as simple as searching for it in the Play Store and installing it like a normal android app. You will need to download the apk file from a website and manually install it on tour android device.

    Second, it is not easy to find a download link for the apk file. TTV developers used to have a website where the apk could be downloaded, but it was shutdown some time ago. Now the only option is to download from other sites.

    Some precaution needs to be taken here. There are several websites offering download links to TTV but these are fake apk sometime containing viruses. Our best recommendation is to visit the TTV official reedit page and look there for recommended download links.

    The good news is that TTV updates automatically. So, after installing it you don’t have to worry about finding and downloading newer version. It takes care of it automatically.

    We will be posting detailing instructions on how to install TTV on different platforms, so keep connected to our site (if possible subscribe to our newsletter) for more information.

    Final Verdict

    It is not difficult to find a solid streaming app for your Android device or the Amazon Fire TV Stick – there are plenty of options available. Good ones are far and few between, however, and we quickly found out Terrarium TV is one of them.

    While it is more complicated than some of its competitors, we like the simple layout and all those settings. We also like the fact it’s frequently updated, something you can’t say for other free streaming apps. Regardless of how you decide to consume your media, we hope our Terrarium TV review provided you with some useful information if you were on the fence.

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